Visit the archaeological site of Ek 'Balam (black jaguar, in Mayan language), an ancient city that lived its splendor before Chichen Itza. Recent restoration works make this place one of the newest archeological attractions of the area. Discover the majestic Temple of the Jaguar climbing its pyramid, Enjoy the Hubicu Cenote and enjoy this natural wonder, with beautiful geological formations. Here you can enjoy a dip in its crystal clear waters. During the trip you will be able to appreciate the typical towns, like Valladolid enjoying its Cathedral that dates from Century XVI, of its people and of the typical and traditional of the place. Know how Tequila is Produced enjoying a guided tour in the Distillery that we will visit and try their different Tequilas.
Note: In groups of more than 6 passengers, a guide Certificate in Archaeological areas will be included.

$ 110 USD per person.
$ 70 US per Children (under 12 years old).

• luxury van.
• Drinks on board: Tequila, Beers, Purified Waters, and Sodas.
• Tickets to the Archaeological Ek Balam Zone.
• Entrances to the Hubicu Cenote (Bufette tipical Food from Yucatan).
• Tickets to the Tequila Distillery (Guided Tour).

• Drinks in the Buteffe not included.
• Tip for the operator.
• Guide in Archaeological Zone Optional.


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